IFSS welcoming new Committee members

IFSS Executive Board has worked through many applicants and as today, have approved as new members for these committees:
Youth Committee - Lauren Stierman (USA), Laura Säkäjärvi (Finland) and Jan Hladky (Czech Republic)
Membership Committee - Andrea Heinrich (Germany)
Nordic Breed Committee - Andrea Dér (Hungary) and Lisa De Gennaro (Canada)
IFSS welcome all of them to the family of volunteers that helps IFSS to work towards the future of the sport.

The document IFSS Committees and Commissions can be found on IFSS website under “About” – Committees and Commissions.

IFSS Executive board
Helen, Agata, Ninni and Hernan

Published of Helen Lundberg 17 september 2023
Elly Mariana Lugo Navarro New Chairperson for the Youth Committee

IFSS Executive Board has appointed Elly Mariana Lugo Navarro to the position of Chairperson for the Youth Committee.
Elly is from Mexico, and she applied because her interest in this position is to enrich the sport in every way. She speaks Spanish and English. She also competes in Canicross.

IFSS welcome Elly to the family of volunteers that helps IFSS to work towards the future of the sport.
At the same time, IFSS need more volunteers to fill some of the empty positions in the committees. We need more dedicated volunteers to be able to have the teams that will work together to fulfill the committees’ goals.
Here are the needs on these committees:
Youth Committee – 2 members
Inclusive Global Access Committee – 1 member
Nordic Breed Committee – 1 member
Membership Committee – 1 member
If you want to apply for one of these positions or know someone that would fit perfectly for the job, send an email to VP Development Hernan Maquieira at development@sleddogsport.net or hernan.maquieira@sleddogsport.net

Updated of Helen Lundberg 09 augusti 2023
Vaccination requirements for the World Championships and World Masters Dryland 2023, Ólvega, Spain
Required vaccinations for all dogs, including dogs not racing: Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Adenovirus-2 (Hepatitis and tracheo-bronchitis), Parvovirus and "Kennel cough" (Parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica).
All vaccines must have been administered more than 21 days before the official day of the opening of the stake-out (NOT the day when the dog starts to race!) Validity of vaccinations as stated in the dog´s passport. To evaluate the validity of vaccinations ONLY the ”dog passport” or the ”dog vaccination booklet” will be taken in consideration. These documents must show for each vaccination the date of injection with the stamp and the signature of the veterinary who did it.
Note 1) Kennel cough vaccinations have to protect against BOTH Parainfluenza AND Bordetella bronchiseptica (as with INTRANASAL or INJECTABLE vaccines). Only if the dog is protected with an injectable vaccine against Parainfluenza given no longer than 1 (one) year before (as in DHPPi vaccine), then the ORAL vaccine for Bordetella bronchiseptica is accepted.

Yours sincerely
Ninni Hjortvall
IFSS Vice President of Sport
Published of Helen Lundberg 24 juli 2023
Newsletter July 2023
IFSS Race Judges and Race Regulations committee has appointed two (2) new International Race Judges Dryland: Birgit Kostbahn, Germany and Tom Bungic, Germany.
Congratulations to both!

Race Judges and Race Regulations committee plan to organize judge seminars in 2024. Information about the seminars will be available during the fall.

At the July Council meeting IFSS Council approved the audit report for 2022/2023 submitted by the two (2) elected internal auditors, Anette Rönnberg, Sweden and Rolf Lübess, Germany.

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President

Published of Helen Lundberg 13 juli 2023
Anna Marmann new Continental Director North America
Dear all,

I am very glad to present Anna Marmann, the new Continental Director North America.
USFSS and CAHDS has elected Anna to the position as CD North America starting out effective of April 27, 2023.
Welcome to IFSS and IFSS Council Anna!

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President
Published of Helen Lundberg 28 april 2023
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