IFSS ultimate vision is a world-wide Sleddog Sports movement where a winning athlete can rejoice true victories, where a loosing athlete can be confident to have lost in a fair fight and where the audience can fully enjoy a competition, convinced that the outcome was not affected by doping.

It is vital that everyone who cares for Sleddog Sports – athletes, coaches, officials, and other support persons on all levels – contribute to a doping-free sport.

Keep Sleddog Sports clean – contribute!

  • Frankly, what do you know about doping and the Anti-Doping Rules?
    Test this QUIZ and find out!
  • To learn more, use this anti-doping e-learning platform, ADel. It provides targeted information/education towards athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators, and other support persons.
  • Speak up! If you happen to have information about potential doping offences, do not hesitate to submit a report. Any information given will be strictly confidential and seriously taken care of.