IFSS welcomes two new Provisional Members
IFSS welcomes two (2) new Provisional members - Colombian Federation of Canine Sports and Cynological Sports Organization Malta Sport. Application for membership has been reviewed and approved first by Membership Committee and finally by IFSS Council.
Updated of Kjell Ek 18 maj 2020
IFSS Race Rules updated
The IFSS Race Rules have been updated and approved by IFSS Council for the upcoming season. An important update is the age of dogs competing in competitions. All dogs now have to be 18 months old to participate in a competition. This change has been made based on the recommendations of IFSS Animal Health and Welfare Committee and some other experienced veterinarians consulted.
You will find the updated document under Document/Regulations/Race Rules.
Published of Helen Lundberg 18 maj 2020
World Cup 2019-2020 results

World Cup 2019-2020 season is over soon. Provisional results are visible in the IFSS website under "World Cup/Current World Cup results". All the DID holders can find more detailed information about his/her personal results via "DID Holder Login"-page. Deadline to submit corrections to the On-Snow results is Sunday 17th May 2020 and to the Dryland results 7th June 2020. Correction requests have to be sent to the Accreditation Committee by using email address accreditation(at)sleddogsport.net. The request has to specify the name of competitor, the DID number, the class and the race concerned. After this deadline date the results will be considered final and no correction will be possible. 

Updated of Eeva Äijälä 25 april 2020
General Assembly postponed

Due to the current unprecedented worldwide situation of Covid-19 IFSS Council has decided to postpone the 2020 General Assembly scheduled for June until later this year. Same location Duluth, Minnesota USA but the date will be determined later.

A Calling Notice will be sent out three (3) months prior to the General Assembly. 

Updated of Helen Lundberg 18 mars 2020
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