Updated information regarding sick dogs in Norway - September 12, 2019
It is of highest importance that we all avoid spreading wrong and false information and only trust the official news sources during the current situation with sick dogs in Norway. In this case the official sources are the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Norwegian Mattillsynet.

IFSS see NO reason to worry for the upcoming Dryland World Championship in Nybro Sweden. Preparation for the event is ongoing as planned and there are no changes when it comes to the entry deadline.

The latest updated information from Norwegian Veterinary Institute clearly states that this is NOT a contagious illness. “Out of the 60 dogs that has been reported being severely ill, 46 already are well again. This number indicates that most of the dogs will recover and be healthy again. One positive fact is that in most occasions of ill dogs there are several dogs living together and only one dog has been sick. This tells us that what ever illness we are facing it is not contagious among dogs”.

The information we have received from Norway also states that there are no sleddogs being reported ill, a majority of sick dogs has been in the hunting community. Most of these dogs has been free running in nature and exposed to the environment including possible contaminated water.

Here are facts:
- There are NO restrictions traveling with dogs in and out of Norway
- There are NO restrictions traveling with dogs in and out of Sweden
- Norwegian Kennel Club has temporary stopped dog shows/events in Norway – they will update this recommendation on Monday September 16th.
- Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) follows the recommendation from the Norwegian Kennel Club and has temporary stopped dogs from Norway to participate at dog shows/events in Sweden. Update to follow by Monday September 16th.
- SDSF Swedish Federation of Sleddogsports follows the recommendation from the Swedish Kennel Club had has temporary stopped dogs from Norway entering events in Sweden. This recommendation will be updated by Monday September 16th.

Here is the link to Norwegian Veterinary Institute for latest updated information – click for English version.


Helen Lundberg
IFSS President

Bengt Pontén
IFSS Continental Director Europe

Published of Helen Lundberg 12 september 2019
Information regarding dog sickness in Norway
IFSS has no other information regarding the current situation of dog sickness in Norway than what we have gathered from Norwegian Veterinary Institute https://www.vetinst.no

As of today there are NO restrictions to travel with dogs in and out of Norway but some competitions and dog shows has been cancelled this weekend.
The Swedish Kennel Club has temporary stopped dogs from Norway to participate at events in Sweden. SDSF (Swedish Federation) follow these recommendations as of now.

To all of you who wonder if this will affect the upcoming Dryland World Championship I can only say that keep calm, the championship event is still a long time away, 45 days, so no need to worry before we know exactly what causes the dog sickness in Norway.
In situations like this rumors of all kind quickly start to circulate especially on social platforms such as Facebook. It is always recommended to double check with the official sources such as in this case the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

We will keep you all posted of any updated information that will spread light into this situation.

Helen Lundberg
President IFSS

Bengt Pontén
Continental Director Europe
Published of Helen Lundberg 08 september 2019
REMINDER - ESDRA Congress and IFSS Europe meeting
As announced the joint ESDRA Congress and IFSS Europe meeting will be held in Riga!
Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible, to Robert Schiesser, ESDRA President (schiesserrob@gmail.com) and Bengt Pontén, IFSS Europe Continental Director (europe@sleddogsport.net)

Time: Saturday September 21 13:00 - Sunday September 22 15:00 (latest).
(Saturday 09:00 there will be time to have open discussions for those interested.)

Place: Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara, (Krogus iela 1, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia)

ESDRA will pay for 2 nights, coffee and dinner for one (1) delegate from each member. Members are free to send more delegates at their own expense. This was agreed by the delegates at the ESDRA Congress 2018, so all members can send at least one member to a low cost. Each delegate have to book the lodging themselves and the costs will be handled at the meetings.

Published of Helen Lundberg 06 september 2019
Vaccination requirements for Dryland World Championship 2019
For all athletes planning to go to the IFSS Dryland World Championship in Nybro, Sweden October 23-27th 2019 please make sure you have all the latest information needed regarding vaccination requirements.
You will find information on the IFSS website www.sleddogsport.net 
under Events/World Championships (invitation)
and on the official event site: www.wchdryland2019.se

Published of Helen Lundberg 05 september 2019
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