IFSS European Championships and European Masters Dryland 2024

I am very glad to announce that the IFSS European Championships and European Masters Dryland 2024 will be organized October 9-13 2024 in Jämijärvi, Finland. 

IFSS together with Technical Organizer VUL Suomen Valjakkourheilijoiden Liitto ry / Finnish Sleddog Sport Federation are looking forward to a great event.



Monica Pacheco

IFSS Continental Director Europe

Published of Helen Lundberg 26 november 2023
IFSS World Championships and World Masters Dryland 2023 - trailer
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Updated of Kjell Ek 15 november 2023
Argentina will organize the 2024 Latin American Championship Dryland

2024 IFSS Latin American Championships and Latin American Masters Dryland will take place in Embalse, Córdoba, Argentina June 14 - June 17, 2024.

IFSS Council supports in full this event and are looking forward to four days of exciting racing.



Helen Lundberg

IFSS President 

Published of Helen Lundberg 27 oktober 2023
International Level Athletes ILA 2023
A list of ILA can be found on IFSS website.
This list will be updated (expanded) after the upcoming Dryland World Championships in November also including top athletes from the World Championships on snow 2023.
The new ILA list will be in action from January 1 2024.
Published of Kjell Ek 23 oktober 2023
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