Vaccination reminder!
Competitors in the IFSS WCh and WM On-Snow 2023 in Åsarna, Sweden - please pay attention!
This is the last available week (Friday 3rd of February) to vaccinate the dogs for distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough and rabies according to the rule of 21 days suspension time before the official day of opening of the stake-out (NOT the day when the dog start to race!)
Published of Helen Lundberg 02 februari 2023
IFSS WCh and WM On-Snow 2023

Invitation and the other documents for the upcoming IFSS World Championships and World Masters On-Snow 2023, taking place in Åsarna, Sweden can be found on the IFSS website under Events/IFSS World Championships and World Masters/IFSS WCh & WM On-Snow 2023 – Åsarna, Sweden.


Ninni Hjortvall IFSS VP of Sport

Published of Ninni Hjortvall 28 januari 2023
The race is on!

IFSS On-Snow World Championships and World Masters will be organized
February 27th to March 2nd 2023 (racing days).
Place: Åsarna Sweden
Invitation will be sent out shortly.

Ninni Hjortvall VP Sport
Helen Lundberg President

Published of Ninni Hjortvall 20 januari 2023
Nominating Commission looking for interested parties
To all member federations and interested parties concerning IFSS VP Economy and Executive Director
As has been announced; Linda Holoubek has resigned as IFSS VP Economic Affairs and Linda Russell has ended her appointment as IFSS Executive Director.

This means that we, as soon as possible, need to find
  • proposals for a replacement for the position as VP Economic Affairs until the next GA in 2026
  • proposals for a new Executive Director to be appointed by the Council

We need your proposals as soon as possible, no later than February 12!

If you have suggestions, contact your Member federation or us directly for more details!

We urge you to prioritize searching for good candidates and look forward to hearing from you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

With the very best regards from the IFSS Nominating Commission (
Bengt Pontén (, Maria Araoz (, Matt Hammersley (

Updated of Helen Lundberg 15 januari 2023
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