DID - Driver Identification Number

General Information - Understanding DIDs

A DID must be requested an paid by a Voting National Member or Provisional Member using the Registration form below. Filled form needs to be returned to email address: did(at)sleddogsport.net.

Individuals cannot apply and/or pay directly to IFSS for a DID.

A DID is only valid from the date the funds arrive in the IFSS bank account until the end of the racing season.

The DID season is from June 1st to May 31st each season. A DID or renewal of an existing DID must be requested for each season. 

No DID request for the current season are validated after March 31, end of the fiscal year. DID requests received between April 1st  and May 31 will be valid from the following June 1st for the new season.

It is the responsibility of the federations to ensure that non national members requesting a DID in their country of residence have been living in the country for at least 24 months (see § E.1 of the World Cup Regulations).

General information and season 2024-2025 information below.

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I. General information

Why a license
In many other sports there are professional classes with high performance athletes and other events and classes with adults, juniors etc. like Soccer, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Ski, Biathlon and other racing sports.

In our sport it is not possible to have an “own” or “best of the best” race for the top performers. The sport is too small and the top athletes have to start in the same race in the same class as any other participants.

Therefore an identification (DID – Driver Identification Number) system is necessary to distinguish between the athletes who want to attend the world cup and the other competitors in a class.

Accurate identification of an athlete with a DID number prevents confusion with first name and last name, similar names, or trying to identify by country, any of which can be incorrectly recorded.

DID Provision
Any athlete who wants to participate in the World Cup and earn international points or participate in the World or Continental Championships or in the Masters must have a DID.
The DID shall be requested from and paid to IFSS by the Voting National or Provisional Member. With this system IFSS has the warranty that the athlete is in a known organization.

A DID can only be requested and paid by a Voting National or Provisional Member and never by an athlete him/herself. To support athletes from a nation not being a member of IFSS, IFSS can offer a Wildcard which is only valid for designated World or Continental Championships. A wild card will never be valid for the World Cup.

With this system, only athletes who are members in a member federation of IFSS are able to compete at the World Championships and Masters, at the Continental Championships and Masters and earn points towards the World Cup.

The DID will consist of a 3 character country code (the same used by the IOC to identify countries) followed by a 4 digit number. The number shall automatically be assigned by the DID system when the competitor has been validated by the DID Coordinator.

A competitor's DID shall remain the same every season as long as he/she renews his/her DID registration in the same country. But it is valid in a given season only from the date the payment of the registration for that season is received by the IFSS. If an athlete changes country of living, he/she will keep the same 4 digit numbers of his/her initial DID and get the 3 characters country code of his/her new residence. The change of country cannot be done within a racing season. The new country of residence can only be accepted if this is the national country of the competitor or if the competitor has been residing in this country for more than 24 months. 

The DID registration shall give access (with a specific login) to various information concerning the competitors and his/her Sleddog sport activities (see separate information for details).

In summary:
DID’s will be allocated by IFSS to identify individual drivers for the World Cup, World or Continental Championships and the Masters. Every driver participating in an IFSS accredited race and holding a valid DID will receive IFSS World Cup points. Drivers without a valid DID may participate in accredited races but will not receive World Cup points. In the World or Continental Championships and the Masters, the DID will be obligatory to enter a driver.

The DID fee includes participation in the IFSS World Championships, IFSS Continental Championships, IFSS Masters, IFSS World Cup, IFSS Continental Cup events (prize money, medals, certificates …), athletes information and federation events information of the concerned year. A percentage of the fee will be used to support the Continental Cups. This only relates to the continent where the DID was requested. If no DID was requested from a continent, no support for the continental cup will occur.

The DID fee will be defined by the IFSS Council on an annual basis. It is 50 € free of any bank transfer and/or PayPal charges for the season 2024/2025.

The DID fee is not refundable.

DID Handling
A DID is valid only from the date that payment is confirmed in the IFSS bank account, until the end of the current world cup season (31st May) and shall not be retroactive.

The DID registration form which is used by the registration system needs to be accurately filled (unique email address for each competitor) and the format requested respected (yyyy/mm/dd for the birth date).

II. DID registration season 2024/2025

The new season will start on June 1st, 2024.
All the DID registered during the season 2023/2024 will not be valid any longer after May 31, 2024.

New registration
Starting in April the registrations for the new season will be available. The new registration system implemented since 2019 will be used. All the features available so far and maybe more will be available during the new season. The system is designed in such a way that the competitors registered in any year since the season 2019/2020 will keep their DID numbers but the validity will be renewed after the DID fee for the new season has been paid.

The request for DID registration shall be sent by the National Member to did(at)sleddogsport.net using the new form. No request nor payment for registration from individual competitor will be accepted.

The DID fee shall be paid by the Member federation as usual to the IFSS bank account or via Paypal as indicated on the second page of the DID registration form. It is important that the purpose of the payment (for ex. 4xDID) is mentioned in the reference field of the payment order so the IFSS Treasurer knows for what the payment is made.

The National Member requesting DIDs shall fill in the form as follows:
- For competitors already registered in any previous season (renewal) including those registered in a different country: fill in the column B through H of the form inserting the competitor DID number in column B and the other information (columns C through H) exactly as registered in the previous year(s). If the information is not the same, the registration will be automatically rejected.
- For competitors not registered in previous year(s) (initial registration): fill in column C through H as you did this year. Do not insert any number in column B. The system will assign the DID number. It is reminded that the email address of the competitor must be unique.

No two competitors can use the same email address.

The DID will be registered a soon as the payment from the Member federation is received. The IFSS DID coordinator will confirm the registration of the renewals and of the initial registrations by returning the DID registration form(s) completed with all the DID numbers.

The IFSS reserves the right to stop DID registration for a certain period (usually prior to the Championships or Masters) so the DID coordinator can validate and supply all pending DID before the deadline date for submitting the Championships and Masters Entry forms. The National Members will be informed well in advance.

Federation information
To help the National Members, all the registered DID numbers of their competitors will be available when they log on the Member federation administrations page under the tag ”About” of the IFSS website.
The application is built as an administration site for Members. It is built for them to administer their upcoming competitions themselves. They can add a competition/event, update the same and see which DIDs are registered for their country.

Any Member can register an administrator for the login page. It is recommended that the president of each Member email to the DID coordinator who they want to be their federation administrator. He/she should contact the DID Coordinator (did(at)sleddogsport.net) to obtain the access to the login page.