Andreas Sande

Andreas Sande, born 1972, Sweden

I am racing Siberian Huskies only

My racing career started about 2011, racing one or 2 competitions per year, mostly in 4SP, but in a mid-distance pace.

My first podiums came when I started racing mid distance in 2015, including a win and a second place in the Polar breed championships in Sweden. 

I also won a gold medal in Swedish championships in Ski-Joring, and a silver and a bronze medal in sledding.

2020, I finally succeded in winning the Swedish Championships in mid distance - something I consider my best achievement so far. Especially as 80% of the team is from our own breeding. 

This season I plan to run the European Championships in Åsarna, and to participate in the upcoming Swedish championships in Ski-Joring.

The main objective with keeping sled dogs have, and will always be, to experience the nature in a fantastic way. The everyday life with the dogs is the best reward, competitions are just an extra spice.