Anti-Doping Code 2021

IFSS 2020-12-09/HN

On 1 January 2021, a new version of the World Anti-Doping Code will be launched. The Code is the overarching document for anti-doping practices worldwide, which means that the IFSS Anti-Doping Rules has also been revised to meet the new Code requirements. The new Code will impact everyone involved in sport – athletes, coaches, medical and administrative support persons etc.

– Find out how it will affect you, in this summary of major changes.

Athletes’ rights and obligations

  • The new Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act promotes athletes’ rights and ensures they are clearly outlined and universally applicable.
  • To support athletes’ right to get anti-doping education, a new International Standard for Education has been launched.
  • Athletes’ are obliged to disclose their support personnel upon request from an Anti-Doping Organization (ADO).

Anti-doping rule violations (ADRV) and sanctions

  • A new rule gives further protection to whistle-blowers. To threaten or retaliate a whistle-blower may result in a lifetime ban from sport.
  • Substances of abuse: The 2021 Prohibited List sets out a group of illegal drugs that are misused in society, outside of sports context. If such substances are found in-competition, sanctions may be reduced if it was used out-of-competition and was unrelated to sports performance. The focus is on athlete welfare and a completed treatment programme may also reduce the sanction.
  • Results management agreements: A ban of four or more years may be reduced by one year if the person admits the ADRV and accepts the sanction within 20 days.
  • Reintroduction of aggravating circumstances: A ban can be extended in certain circumstances (e.g., use of multiple prohibited substances).
  • Fraudulent conduct during the results management process will be treated as a separate offence and a further consecutive sanction may be applied.
  • Attempted involvement or cover up of an anti-doping rule violation committed by another person may result in two years to lifetime ban.
  • A new International Standard for Results Management in combination with a demand for impartial and operationally independent Anti-Doping Review Panels, will safeguard fair hearings and decisions worldwide.

Additional news

  • Doping controls in-competition includes the period commencing at 11:59 pm on the day before a competition through the end of the competition and the sample collection process.
  • New definitions in the Code will allow for more flexibility for Protected Persons and Recreational Athletes.

This article in not exhaustive. For more detailed information we refer you to WADA.