IFSS EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ON-SNOW - Falun, Sweden, February 19-23, 2020
Website: http://echsnow2020.com/

Updated 20191229 IFSS ECh Snow 2020 - Invitation (PDF)

Updated 20191229 IFSS ECh Snow 2020 - Entry Form (XLS)

IFSS ECh Snow 2020 - Preselected athletes (PDF)

IFSS ECh Snow 2020 - Guardian Form (PDF)

IFSS Chipping list (XLS)

IFSS Speakerform (XLS)

- All participants must submit an IFSS Competitor Consent Form. This is in electronic format and can be found on the IFSS Website, under Driver ID/Member Login.

- Chip lists can also be created there.

- For participants younger than 18 years old on the first day of the competition an IFSS Guardian Form must also be submitted.