Information to International Level Athletes (ILA) from IFSS Anti-Doping Committee (ADC)

IFSS defines a group of ILA as required by the WADA Code. The selection is based on the results from World Championships on Snow and on Dryland. Medal winners in the classes with most pronounced competition were selected. The ILA group is updated yearly and the updated list is presented on the website to be in action from January 1st.

You can see if you are one of the selected for the ILA group under International Level Athletes in the Document Library
The fact that You are included in the ILA group has two important consequences:

  1. You belong to a testing pool with more frequent testing also out of competition testing. This requires that we are informed about where You live, so called whereabout information. This testing pool do not require that You report Your whereabout information in ADAMs with frequent updates. However, we do need Your physical address and email(see below).

  2. If You need a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) You must apply for TUE to the IFSS TUE committee. If You have a national TUE the process is facilitated.

Thus, we need Your physical address and please if there are seasonal variation give all addresses and the periods for each of them. Please send as soon as possible by email to: