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Please find the Invitation and other important documents for the IFSS European Championships and European Masters Dryland 2024 under Events/IFSS European Championships and European Masters.

The ECh/EM will take place October 16-20, 2024 in Jämijärvi, Finland.

Yours sincerely,
IFSS Continental Director Europe Monica Pacheco and IFSS Event Coordinator Eeva Äijälä

Published of Helen Lundberg 08 maj 2024
Update World Championships and World Masters, On-Snow 2025 Norway – new date

IFSS Council voted in favor of the request from NHF Norwegian Sleddog Federation to move the date of 2025 WCh/WM On-Snow with four (4) days to 09.02.25 - 15.02.25.

Official statement from NHF Norwegian Sleddog Federation:
The rationale is:
- Economy and environment.
A change of dates for the event will contribute to World Championship 2025 having reduced expenses and thus a more solid economy by being able to coordinate some practical arrangements and various facilities and arenas with events that take place immediately after the World Championship 2025. This will also give the event a boost in terms of environmental considerations and sustainability.
- The snow conditions will be somewhat safer.
- The accommodation capacity at Røros is better during this period, which will be important both for participants and the public.

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President

Published of Helen Lundberg 01 maj 2024
ECh/EM Jämijärvi Finland 2024 – new date!

Dear Members, 


IFSS have been informed by the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation and the Race Organizer that the 2024 ECh/EM Dryland Championship in Jämijärvi, Finland, can’t be organized as planned on the original dates. This is due to an order from Finnish Military Forces about expanding and prolonging their combat training in the area of the championship at the same days, making it impossible to organize the event at the same time. 


Because of this the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation and the Race Organizer together with IFSS have been working hard to find a new possible date for the ECh/EM Championship and the decision has come to move the race to October 16-20th 2024. 


Unfortunately this date coincides with ICF Championship in Italy. It is not the intention of the IFSS to match both Championships, but in this case due to Force Majeure, it is impossible to organize the IFSS ECh/EM event at any other date. 


IFSS is very sorry for the situation but for the good for our Members and athletes, the decision will be to go ahead with the ECh/EM Dryland Championship on the new dates: 16-20th October 2024. 


Hope to see you all in Jämijärvi, Finland




Monica Pacheco

CD Europe IFSS

Published of Helen Lundberg 10 april 2024
Two project leaders for the On-Snow WC/WM 2025
Norwegian Sleddog Federation hires a project leader and project coordinator for IFSS On-Snow World Championships and World Masters in Røros Norway 2025. Tom Remman and Vanessa Quinche will take on this tasks.

Tom Remman, 57 years old from Holmestrand Norway. Tom has a long history and experience from organizing sport competitions and events. He has two German Shorthair vorstehs as training companions, when he is biking and skiing.
Tom very much looks forward to working full time as project leader for the WC/WM event in Røros February 2025. “I want to contribute so that this event will be a huge success”!

Vanessa Quinche, 47 years old born in Switzerland but now lives in Folldal, Norway together with her husband and their sleddogs.
Vanessa has worked for many years as event manager in Geneva, Switzerland but moved to Norway to fully enjoy her passion for dog mushing. 2010 to 2014 Vanessa was the manager of Femundløpet longdistance race, so she has experience both from racing with her own sleddogs and as event organizer.
Vanessa is looking forward to taking on the task as project coordinator and work hard to put together an WC/WM event that covers all the on-snow disciplines in the sleddogsport.
Published of Kjell Ek 08 april 2024
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