IFSS ECh and EM Dryland 2022
Invitation and the other documents for the upcoming IFSS European Championships and European Masters Dryland 2022, taking place in Leipa, Germany can be found on the IFSS website under Events/IFSS Continental Championships and Continental Masters/IFSS ECh & EM Dryland 2022 – Leipa, Germany.
Updated of Helen Lundberg 03 augusti 2022
2023 Dryland World Championships and World Masters
On behalf of IFSS Council I am very glad to announce that the 2023 IFSS Dryland World Championships and World Masters will take place in Lamotte-Beuvron, France on November 1-5.
Over the years many athletes have been racing at the arena in Lamotte-Beuvron. In 2014 the IFSS Dryland European Championships was organized there.

I and the IFSS Council are looking forward to a great event in France 2023. More information will be posted when available.

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President
Published of Helen Lundberg 29 maj 2022
New World Cup season
Registration of new DID or renewal of existing DID will start on June 1st. The DID fee remains at 45 Euros.
World Cup:
The northern hemisphere winter season is over and all the World Cup points for the on snow classes accumulated this year are entered in the World Cup program. They can be checked on the IFSS website. If errors or questions rise, they should be reported to accreditation@sleddogsport.net as soon as possible but not later than May 15. After that date no modification to the on snow classes points will be accepted.
The last Dryland events for the 2021/2022 season are scheduled end of May. No more World Cup application will accepted for this season. If errors or questions rise regarding the points of the Dryland classes, they should be reported to accreditation@sleddogsport.net as soon as possible but not later than June 15. After that date no modification to the Dryland classes points will be accepted.
Starting now, World Cup applications for the season 2022/2023 may be sent to accreditation@sleddogsport.net. There is no change in the procedure. The applications shall be sent at least one month prior to the events. The accreditation is free if the application is sent at least 2 months before the event. The fee is 50 Euros if the application is sent between one and two months before the event.
A new column has been added to the results format to use to report the race results of the World Cup events. This column “Nationality” shall enable us to know more precisely the nationality of the competitors who have no DID. Some member federations require statistics as accurate as possible on the participation at World Cup events to justify the international status of their events and obtain grants. So far we could only report the nationality of the DID holders. With the information in this new column we shall be able to report the participation more accurately.
The times of each competitor (heat times and total times) can be in any time format as long as times are there and result rankings can be checked.
The final World Cup results and statistics for the 2021/2022 season will be published around mid June.
Registration of new DID or renewal of existing DID will start now for a validation on June 1st or as soon as the DID fee is paid, whatever comes last.
The DID fee remains at 45 Euros. The DID registration form remains unchanged. It is important that exactly the same information (DID number, first name, family name, email address) as in previous years is provided for the renewal of existing DID. Otherwise the DID registration system will reject the DID request. The email address of each new registration shall be unique, meaning not used by another DID holder. It is reminded that the DID number includes a 3 letters country code and a 4 digits number without space in between. Again, incorrect or incomplete DID numbers will be rejected.
The Accreditation Committee thanks the member federations for participating in the IFSS World Cup program. Also many thanks to the competitors who have entered the best events proposed by the Race Giving Organizations. We hope to see even more events and more competitors during the coming racing season.
Accreditation Committee.
Published of Helen Lundberg 11 maj 2022
2022 General Assembly
The 19th IFSS General Assembly will take place June 13th (Monday), 2022 and will be an online meeting.
The official calling notice was sent out January 24th 2022 via Newsletter to all Members.
In accordance with Article C.5.2 of the IFSS By Laws, the Draft Agenda will be sent by May 15th 2022, to enable to formulate possible modification proposals by May 29th 2022, (Article C.5.3 of the By Laws).

Published of Helen Lundberg 22 april 2022
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