World Cup 2018-2019 results
World Cup 2018-2019 season is over and provisional results are visible in the IFSS website under "World Cup/World Cup results". Deadline to submit corrections to the results is Thursday 20th June 2019. Correction requests have to be sent to the Accreditation Committee by using email address The request has to specify the name of competitor, the DID number, the class and the race concerned. After this deadline date the results will be considered final and no correction will be possible.
Published of Helen Lundberg 13 juni 2019
Member Page - how to log in
All athletes with a valid DID number for the upcoming season, starting out June 1st 2019, can now log into the "Member Page" here on IFSS website.
Go to Driver ID and click on Member Login. To log in for the first time you need to click on “Forgot password”. Log in with your email and new password.
Updated of Helen Lundberg 13 juni 2019
IFSS 2020 European Championship On-Snow

The 2020 European Championships On-Snow will take place in Sweden at the National Ski-Arena in Falun, February 20-23. The Accreditation Committee and the Council conclude that the trails being 6-9 meter wide are safe and challenging for both Sprint, Ski-dogs and Mid-distance. The arena and facilities in the city of Falun offers possibilities for an excellent championship for both competitors and spectators! Additional information will be posted shortly.

Photo by Per Sverre Simonsen

Updated of Helen Lundberg 06 juni 2019
IFSS Race Rules - now updated
The IFSS Race Rules has been updated with some minor changes and approved by IFSS Council. You will find the updated document on the website under Document/Regulations/Race Rules.

Updated of Helen Lundberg 06 juni 2019
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