IFSS On-Snow World Championships and World Masters 2022 in Åsarna, Sweden

Required vaccinations for all dogs, including dogs not racing:
Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus-2 (Hepatitis and tracheo-bronchitis), Parvovirus and "Kennel cough"(Parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica).

All vaccines must have been administered more than 21 days before the race. Validity of vaccinations as stated in the dogs passport.

Note 1) Kennel cough vaccinations have to protect against BOTH Parainfluenza AND Bordetella bronchiseptica (as with INTRANASAL or INJECTABLE vaccins).
Only if the dog is protected with an injectable vaccine against Parainfluenza given no longer than 1 year before (as in DHPPi vaccine), then the ORAL vaccine for Bordetella bronchiseptica is accepted.

Note 2) In addition to previous vaccinations Leptospirosis vaccination is not mandatory, but STRONGLY recommended.

Note 3) Rabies vaccination is mandatory also for dogs living in Sweden and Norway.

IFSS/WSA On-Snow World Championships 2022 for Registered Nordic Breeds in Östersund, Sweden
List of required vaccinations for the event in Östersund can be found on the website:

IFSS/WSA Long-distance World Championships 2022 (Polardistans) in Särna, Sweden
List of required vaccinations for the event in Särna can be found on the website:

Updated of Eeva Äijälä 08 juli 2021
In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic some Member Federations have been able to organize World Cup events. But many others were not so lucky and had to keep the dogs at home. The Accreditation Committee and the Council consider that it would not be fair to award World Cup titles without all the interested athletes being able to participate.
But the Accreditation Committee and the Council wish to congratulate the Member Federations which organized World Cup events, sometime with great difficulties.
A “Certificate of Honor” is addressed to the USA Federation for the highest number of Dryland events organized and another “Certificate of Honor” is addressed to the French Federation for organizing the highest number of On-Snow events.
Special congratulations also go to Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland, New Zealand and Estonia who have been able also to organize some events and to their athletes who managed to participate in spite of the very special circumstances.
The complete results list of the World Cup 2020/2021 is posted on the IFSS website.
The World Cup season 2021/2022 is already starting in the southern hemisphere. You will find the new event calendar on the IFSS website.
Published of Helen Lundberg 17 juni 2021
Cancellation of Dryland World Championship and World Masters 2021

It is with the deepest regret that I announce today that the IFSS Council has made the difficult decision to cancel the  IFSS Dryland World Championships and World Masters planned to take place in Bristol, Quebec Canada October 27-31 2021. 

The decision to cancel was taken after a careful review of the situation worldwide where travel restrictions are still in place. Uncertainty regarding the pandemic situation in October also played a huge role in the decision-making process.  Athletes all over the world should have the same opportunities to plan, travel and attend a world championship event. 

The Council encourages all IFSS Members to organize national competitions and, if possible, continental cup events while we await the pandemic to finally end.

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President

Updated of Helen Lundberg 02 juni 2021
IFSS/WSA On Snow World Championship 2022 for Registered Nordic Breeds – change of location

For reasons beyond our control, the location of the 2022 On-Snow World Championship Sprint and Mid-Distance for Registered Nordic Breeds had to be moved from Ramundberget to Östersund.?? The races will now start and finish in Östersund’s famous ski arena, where earlier this year the 2021 Biathlon World Cup Finals took place.

We’re looking forward to a warm welcome, excellent trails and great infrastructure. The dates remain unchanged. The Championship will take place as previously announced from 9-12 March 2022. Further information about the event can be found on

The decision to change the location of the Championship was not taken lightly and we would like to apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

Helen Lundberg - President IFSS

Arno Steichler - Chairman WSA

Niklas Andersson – Project Manager Östersund 2022

Updated of Helen Lundberg 02 juni 2021
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