Brazilian federation LBCANIS full voting member of IFSS
I am very pleased to announce that IFSS Members has reviewed and approved the application for full voting membership from Brazilian federation LBCANIS.

IFSS Membership Committee has also reviewed and supports the application from Brazilian federation LBCANIS.


Helen Lundberg, IFSS President

Updated of Kjell Ek 23 mars 2023
IFSS Long Distance World Championships 2023 - Finnmarksløpet

March 10th at noon the IFSS Long Distance World Championships 2023 - Finnmarksløpet starts in the Norwegian city of Alta.
First out is the 1200 km Open class with 33 competitors. Followed by the 200 km Junior class and the 600 km Limited class on Saturday March 11th.
This year an updated result service will make it easier and much more exciting to follow all the competitors. Log on to for latest race news and results.

Updated of Eeva Äijälä 10 mars 2023
Opening ceremony
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Published of Kjell Ek 26 februari 2023
Vaccination reminder!
Competitors in the IFSS WCh and WM On-Snow 2023 in Åsarna, Sweden - please pay attention!
This is the last available week (Friday 3rd of February) to vaccinate the dogs for distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough and rabies according to the rule of 21 days suspension time before the official day of opening of the stake-out (NOT the day when the dog start to race!)
Published of Helen Lundberg 02 februari 2023
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