2021 On-Snow World Championship
The 2021 On-Snow World Championship will be a joint event between IFSS and WSA (World Sleddog Association) planned to take place in Åsarna and Ramundberget Sweden during week 10.
WSA will organize all Registered Nordic Breed classes in Ramundberget, Sweden March 10-13th 2021.
IFSS will organize the all breed Skidog, Sled Sprint, Mid-distance and Masters classes in Åsarna, March 10-14th, 2021.
Ramundberget and Åsarna are located in the same region in Sweden. Driving distance less then 2 hours between the two race sites.
No one can predict what will happen during the next months when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, we might face travel restrictions world wide and other regulations that will affect how sport events can be organized. Therefore IFSS Council and WSA have set a deadline at December 1st 2020, to either give an ok or call off the 2021 On-Snow World Championships.
Published of Helen Lundberg 11 augusti 2020
IFSS Masters Regulations

IFSS members have voted and approved the new Masters Regulations.

Background and intentions
- Raise the status of the Elite and Junior Championships.
- Give the older athletes a possibility to compete on a high level internationally.
- The age matters most in the one-dog classes.
- A similar development as in many other sports.

Main specifics for the IFSS Masters
- Open nominations without quota.
- Masters classes in one-dog classes Ski-dogs and Dryland.
- If there are too few competitors in an age-class, these can be combined to a younger age-class.
- IFSS Championships and Masters are separate Events. They can be arranged at the same place and time or separately.

The Masters Regulations are now published on IFSS website under Document/Regulations/Masters. 

Updated of Eeva Äijälä 28 juni 2020
World Cup 2019-2020 final results

The final results of the World Cup 2019-2020 are available on IFSS website (under World Cup/Current World Cup results and World Cup/Historic World Cup results). These results are final.
IFSS want to thank all the competitors for their participation and congratulate the winners!

IFSS hope to see more Member federations accredit World Cup competitions; there are still Members who do not accredit any World Cup events Dryland or On-Snow.
Information about World Cup accreditation to be found here at IFSS website.

Updated of Eeva Äijälä 28 juni 2020
IFSS welcomes two new Provisional Members
IFSS welcomes two (2) new Provisional members - Colombian Federation of Canine Sports and Cynological Sports Organization Malta Sport. Application for membership has been reviewed and approved first by Membership Committee and finally by IFSS Council.
Updated of Kjell Ek 18 maj 2020
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