WADA Executive Committee approves 2023 Prohibited List
WADA EC has approved the prohibited list for 2023.
Rigorous investigations concerning Cannabis and Tramadol have been made and this is commented on in the pressrelease
Published of Kjell Ek 27 september 2022
IFSS LD WCh 2023 - Finnmarksløpet

Invitation and the other documents for the upcoming IFSS LD World Championships 2023 - Finnmarksløpet, taking place in Alta, Norway can be found on the IFSS website under Events/IFSS World Championships and World Masters/IFSS LD WCh 2023 - Finnmarksløpet - Alta, Norway.

Published of Ninni Hjortvall 14 september 2022
On-Snow World Championship and Masters 2023
I am very glad to announce that IFSS council has approved the application from Fédération Française des Sports de Traineau (F.F.S.T.) to organize the 2023 IFSS On-Snow World Championship Skidog, Sled Sprint and Mid-Distance and World Masters in Praz de Lys Sommand, France. The event will take place January 24-28 2023.

The venue offers secure snow conditions and minimal risk for avalanches. Information concerning the event will be posted shortly on IFSS website.

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President
Updated of Helen Lundberg 17 augusti 2022
IFSS ECh and EM Dryland 2022
Invitation and the other documents for the upcoming IFSS European Championships and European Masters Dryland 2022, taking place in Leipa, Germany can be found on the IFSS website under Events/IFSS Continental Championships and Continental Masters/IFSS ECh & EM Dryland 2022 – Leipa, Germany.
Updated of Helen Lundberg 03 augusti 2022
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