Judge seminar in Kazakhstan

Race Marshal Olle Rosén traveled from Sweden to Kazakhstan to be an instructor at the first judge seminar there organized by IFSS. The seminar took place October 30th to November 1st just days prior to the first ever IFSS World Cup event in Kazakhstan. Olle Rosen was also Race Marshal at the event.  

Svetlana Khudyakova president of KFSDS was very pleased and thankful that Olle Rosén came to Kazakhstan both as a Race Marshal and to hold the judge seminar. To educate race judge’s worldwide is one of the most important programs within IFSS. This fall seminars have been organized in Italy, Canada and Kazakhstan, the work will continue and next up is a seminar in Mexico.

Dimitry Kovtunenko, Svetlana Khudyakova president of KFSDS, Oleksandra Kovtunenko, Alexandr Lukin och Andrey Litvinov together with IFSS Race Marshal Olle Rosén. Photo submitted by Svetlana Khudyakova

Published of Helen Lundberg 18 november 2019
IFSS Europe invites you to the European Championships Snow 2020, in Falun, Sweden, February 19-23


The Championships will be held at the Skiing and Sports arena Lugnet in Falun, Sweden. The trails will use the ordinary ski-trails, which are suitable for Sleddog competitions. All trails are 4-6 meters wide. The trails have long, but not too steep, climbs and downhill and offers challenging and exiting mushing!

Invitation and documents

The Invitation and related documents are posted under Events / Continental Championships.
Please, note that since the first Invitation was sent out to member federations there have been a couple of updates and adjustments. Please read Invitation carefully. More information and further updates will be posted on the website https://echsnow2020.com/

European Masters classes

IFSS Council are in the process of preparing a proposal for a IFSS Master Championships. As a first trial and to evaluate the interest in such an event specific European Masters classes in Skijoring will be held outside the ordinary Elite and Junior Championships.

  • These classes have no limit to the number of entries from each IFSS Member Federation.
  • All participants must hold a valid DID number.
  • A competitor cannot compete in both a Masters class and the Elite Championships.
  • The best will be awarded as European Masters medalists.
Updated of Bengt Pontén 13 november 2019
IFSS welcomes Mexico as full voting member

I am very pleased to announce that IFSS members voted in favor to upgrade Mexico - FMDPT from a Provisional member to a full voting member of IFSS. 

The first World Cup race in Mexico is scheduled in December 2019.

Welcome Mexico!

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President

Updated of Bengt Pontén 13 november 2019
IFSS World Championships Dryland 2019 – Nybro Sweden

Follow the exciting racing at WCh Dryland 2019 and see results and photos - go to the event page www.wchdryland2019.se
Updated of Kjell Ek 28 oktober 2019
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