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IFSS WCh On-Snow 2019, France - VETERINARY NOTES
Information regarding mandatory veterinary rules for all dogs (including dogs not racing) to take part in the IFSS World Championships On-Snow 2019 in France can be found here under Events/World Championships/WCh On-Snow 2019, France.
Updated of Kjell Ek 21 november 2018
Judge seminar in Villarrica Chile

IFSS first judge seminar in Chile turned out a huge success. IFSS Race Marshal Olle Rosén educated 8 IFSS Continental Judges during the seminar. “My Spanish is not that good but with help of a interpreter it worked out very well. I really enjoyed my first visit to Chile, both at the seminar and at the Villarrica Dryland event”.
Thanks to Konrad Jakob IFSS Continental Director South America who organized the judge seminar prior to the Villarrica Dryland Mushing event October 27-28.
All photos courtesy of Konrad Jakob

Olle Rosén IFSS Race Marshal

Konrad Jakob and Olle Rosén

Updated of Kjell Ek 21 november 2018
Latvian Open Dryland Championship 2018

Latvian Open Dryland Championship 2018, IFSS World Cup event will be live Sunday 11 November at 8:00 GMT (10:00 Latvia time). This event will also be the venue for IFSS Dryland World Championship 2019 - October 31st to November 3rd.


Updated of Kjell Ek 21 november 2018
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