2021 IFSS Dryland World Championships and World Masters

On behalf of IFSS Council I am very glad to announce the 2021 IFSS Dryland World Championships and World Masters to be organized in Bristol, Quebec Canada. Date for the event - October 27-31st 2021 and Technical Organizer will be Bristol Sled Dog Race Committee.

Deadline to either cancel or move on with the event will be July 18th 2021 depending to the current situation with the Covid-19 Pandemic. We all hope that the later will happen and both IFSS and Bristol Sled Dog Race Committee are looking forward to a successful event. 

Helen Lundberg

IFSS President

Updated of Helen Lundberg 03 oktober 2020
Polardistans 2021 to double as IFSS and WSA Long-distance World Championship 2021
We are pleased to announce that Polardistans, the long-established long-distance race for purebred sled dogs, has joined forces with the IFSS and the WSA. Through this unique partnership Long-Distance World Championship titles will be on offer at Polardistans in both purebred as well as all-breed classes.
Polardistans will take place from 2-6 March 2021 in Särna (Sweden) and will kick off the largest sled dog festival ever celebrated in Europe. From 2-14 March 2021, close to 500 purebred and all-breed sled dog teams are expected to compete for World Championship titles in Skidog, Sled Sprint and Mid-Distance and Skidog and Sled Long-Distance classes at three venues (Särna, Ramundberget and Åsarna) in central Sweden.
At Polardistans, in the 300 km race World Championship titles will be available for purebred teams in 1-4 dog pulka as well as 8- and 12-dog sled classes and for all-breed teams in 8- and 12-dog sled classes. The IFSS long-distance race rules supplemented by a number of Polardistans specific rules apply.
No one can predict what will happen during the next months when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. We might face new travel restrictions worldwide and other regulations that will affect how sport events can be organized. Therefore, Polardistans, the WSA and IFSS will make their final decision on whether the 2021 On-Snow World Championships can go ahead by 1 December 2020.
Published of Helen Lundberg 27 september 2020
Federación Argentina de Mushing approved as Voting Member of IFSS

I am very glad to announce that a majority of IFSS Members voted in favor to approve Federación Argentina de Mushing as Voting Member.

Welcome Federación Argentinade Mushing to IFSS!

Helen Lundberg

IFSS President

Published of Helen Lundberg 04 september 2020
World Cup – new point system

In order to simplify the formula used to calculate the points of each competitor with DID in the World Cup accredited races, the Council has approved a system based on the position of the competitors in the result list instead of the time.

The competitors will easily be able to calculate and control their points using the grid shown in the World Cup Regulations § F. With this new point system the points received during two 1-heat races are equivalent to the points received during a 2-heat race. Consequently the regulation B.4 which prevents for organizing two 1-heat races on two consecutive days is not necessary any more and has been removed.

The complete revised World Cup regulations are available on this website under World Cup Forms and Regulations.

In the absence of Continental Dryland Championships this season due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its travel restrictions, the World Cup will be the only IFSS international Dryland competition during the season 2020-2021.

The IFSS Council and the Accreditation Committee recommend that the Member Federations request the accreditation of more events so that their competitors can compete for an international title without traveling outside of their national boundaries.

Published of Helen Lundberg 04 september 2020
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