Stijn Gyselinck

Name: Stijn Gyselinck

Date of Birth: 1990

Country: Belgium

Classes: Canicross, Dogscooter 1 & 2 dogs, bikejöring

Started in dogsports: 2011

First IFSS Championship: 2013

Medals in IFSS: Bronze 2013 Italy & 2015 Canada, World Championschip Dryland (DCM)

My start in sport: I like learning about and working with animals and I grew up in a sportive family. My dad is a former runner at a high level and for many years he is the trainer of a group of runners, including me. Between those runners were a few people that did canicross. Many years ago one of those people persuade me to try canicross. But it was without succes, the stubborn dog named Tessa a Beagle, didn’t want to run with me. We only made it 200 meters far. So I thought it was nothing for me. Then a few years later some other friends from the club asked me to guide a child (Julie Arijs) at the european championship canicross in Poland (2011). To prepare for this task I did a few regional competitions and fell in love with the sport. I was able to borrow dogs from friends (Border collies and hunting dogs) to compete before I had my own sportdogs. In 2012 I went to Czech Republic to collect my first running dog, a european sleddog named Lorko (breeder Dita Vosmanská Podraská). With him I did my best results! He ran 7 years at the highest level. Lorko, a real champion!

Best results: In canicross: 2 bronze medals at the world championships (IFSS dryland: Italy 2013 & Canada 2015). 3 bronze medals at european championschips (International Canicross Federation: Switzerland 2013, France 2014, Scotland 2015). With the national team in canicross relay: 1 gold medal at Wolrd championships (ICF France 2022), 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal at the european championships (ICF: Switzerland 2013, France 2014, Italy 2017, Belgium 2019). 5 times national champion at the short distance canicross (Belgian Canicross Federation). Also a national champion title all categories dryland with dogscooter (Federation of Belgian Mushers Clubs). And 2 times winner Vulcanicross Germany in dogscooter 2019 & 2022. 

Current dogs: 4 competing dogs: Brothers Balder & Magnus (Breeding from Topdogz Kennel Lithuania). Bia (Scandinavian hound, Breeding by Brigitte Flückiger, breeding line Patrick Wirz, Switzerland). And Nelson (Greyster, Breeding from Floppy Ears Racing Sleddogs, Belgium).